Energy Management System

This system has the function of managing the battery power and solar power collected, indicating the auto-navigation module which accelerations, decelerations, and cruise speeds are acceptable according to the energy stored and collected. To do so is there a predictive mapping of the expected intensities for the day-time operation and a system of sensors that enable efficient management of the resources. This system must ensure that the train can always return to base in adverse conditions.

To do so, the system will be equipped with sensors that allow to:

(i)  Estimate the capacity of vehicle seats occupied by mapping the capacitive sensors to be installed on the chairs and also provide information that enable business management;

(ii)    Solar Declination Detector;

(iii)   Solar Panels Positioner;

(iv)  Docking detector and auxiliary power supply in park;

(v)    Current Sensors on the battery and motor;

(vi)  Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance Sensors;