Electric Solar Trailer

The Electric Solar Trailer is an Helianto project which consists on a single wheel cart positioned behind a bicycle and attached to the rear wheel. With this apparatus it is possible to push the bicycle up to 30km/h thanks to an electric machine in the trailer.

The machine will be supplied by batteries which therefore are recharged by a solar panel in the trailer. When parked the trailer’s solar panel should be oriented to the north (there is a compass in the vehicle) and then the panel will automatically follow the sun in order to recharge the batteries more efficiently.

This is a transport completely free of emissions, attractive, useful and economic, since the energy spent in travelling is recharged through a solar panel. In any case it is always possible to use the bicycle in the standard way, either by removing or towing the trailer (recharging the batteries).

This equipment is very useful both in urban areas and rural areas:

  • In urban areas The Electric Solar Trailer might be used, for example, to make the connection between car parks or transport stations and work offices or colleges.
  • In more rural areas is a perfect non-invasive way to comfortably travel.