The main project is the ultra-light train powered by solar energy. It is intended to compete in the Life+ Programme and to be inserted in the ISTKnowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) Innoenergy.

This Helianto project can be divided into several sub-projects which can be developped in MSc or PHD Thesis, namely:

  • Development of optimized controllers for synchronous motors acceleration and deceleration with regenerative maintaining sustained speed of the vehicle;
  • Design of a power control  system for the vehicle based on its charge (energy management);
  • Study and development of batteries (possibly Li-S) for solar vehicles;
  • Structure and fatigue resistance of lightweight materials;
  • Tracking System  for solar panels better exposure and their integration into the design of the vehicle;
  • Design of stations and their integration with the vehicle;
  • Calculation of the usability of the vehicle and sizing of the supply over demand;
  • Design and construction of an autonomous navigation system;
  • Development of a control system for passengers and cargo;
  • Development of communication system between vehicle and the control central (Surveillance cameras and telecast);
  • Sociology of interpretation, acceptance and understanding of users;
  • Economic study of the project and market development.

These projects will be published online under the IST’s intellectual property and, like it was stated before, it will form the basis for the development of academic projects with potential for industrialization, although under an open-source license.