Ultralight Solar Train (Urban Design)

The new Helianto project is an ultralight train powered exclusively by solar energy. To make this possible in the current technological scenario, Helianto will move at low speed (30km/h maximum) and over rails (lower friction).

Helianto is a transport completely free of emissions, attractive and economically feasible to carry short distances (50km max.) This equipment might be used, for example, to make the connection between car parks and historic centers/museums or as connection vehicle inside industrial parks (park&ride).

This vehicle will also be equipped with regenerative braking and optimization processes of solar energy capture by moving automatically the solar panels toward the sun. This last feature gave the name Helianto to this vehicle since the movement resembles a sunflower (Helianthus Annus). These flower heads follow the direction of the sun, going from east to west during the day, just like the solar panels of the train Helianto are intended to move.